Having a content strategy for your business paves a great way to success. Many small and large business owners never mind spending their amount on ads and other brand promotional activities.

Are they really getting benefits out of their efforts?

Of course, an ad with catchy verses has a high chance to grab the attention of the people. What if the ad fails to reach their eyes?

content strategy
content strategy

Here, the content strategy comes into the frame. Even a small social media post reaches the brand audience when planned and posted at the right time with the right strategy.

Let us get…

Have you ever tried and experienced the magic of Call to Action phrases?

If not, I would say you are missing out on something important for your business. Making customers proceed in your desired direction is like herding cats.

They may abandon their shopping carts, do not proceed with your email newsletters, do not respond to your referral program, etc.

If you are the one who has been affected by the above-said scenarios, then you have to give a different trial now. …

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are nearing!!

Undoubtedly, the Black Friday season will look completely different this year for many retailers. The traditional door-busting events will be set to a minimum and the online shopping doors will likely be at peak this time.

Black Friday season is days away and the small businesses are facing a hard time to bring an amazing and anticipating shopping experience to their store’s visitors.

Almost 115 million people flock to online stores to find the best deals between the months of November and December. …

As many freelancers are out here, I would like to share my research that might eventually help you to land at the right keyword research tool.

When a freelancer or a marketing freak enters into keyword research, either they use their previous researches or depend on the tool. Simply depending on the tool also does not works out well. So, a little research is always good to consider.

Without occupying your time, I am listing out the top keyword research tools that are quite useful for me.

Google ( Yes, it is a handy keyword research tool for FREEE)


Brand Awareness… In the current marketing world, even a week old brand gets its point to the peak and gains customer attraction.

From the above line, do not just think that building brand awareness is a cakewalk. On the contrary, there are many brands that never left a trace of existence for years.

Maybe they might have a wrong answer for how to increase brand awareness. How many of you remember a brand with its calligraphy? If there are some brands, then they will not last long in your mind. …

You might have heard people saying content is king. If the content is the king, then the strategy you see seems to be the minister. Sounds great, right? But, it is the incredible fact that made many marketers dig deep into the strategies.

If you are a newbie prevailing in the content realm, then you are the one who needs to know more about the strategies that actually work out well.

Strategies play a huge impact on content. Even informative content will go in vain when it lacks a perfect strategy. …

Clients are something other than benefits. They are the ones who are answerable for your business development. Holding them and building techniques to dazzle them is unquestionably going to lead you to the way you are expecting you would.

Though there are many tools available online, it is highly necessary to pick up the one that suits the needs of your store.

After several research, you can make sure that the enlisted tools will help you without beating around the bush. they are,







So, these are the list of the tools that caught my eyes during my research. I have also found a blog that elaborates the uses of above tools. Before going along with the particular sales conversion tool, make yourself confident to reap its benefits.

Sticky menus! Floating bars! And a quite few sliding navigation bars add up to the recent trend. Sticky bars or floating bars are nothing but the constant cousin of the noble popups.

Not everyone excluding the smart businessmen will try sticky bars. As it occupies the webpage a little, many company owners fail to keep it on their webpage. This is the place where they are missing out on a huge opportunity to increase their lead conversion.

It gives the visitors single access to any webpage of your website. Such a cool technique!!

Sticky bars appear either at the top…

A discount wheel! Fingers crossed! And, praying for the expected results. It’s always been the scenario when you spin the wheel.

Discount popup wheels are popular for a reason. Many of your customers, irrespective of age, love to spin the wheel.

In recent years, gamification popups have become a current buzzword. It has become a stealing option to grab customers for your website.

Due to the increased attraction of the gamification popups, businesses have been using it cleverly to improve their sales and customer retention ratio.

What is a gamification plugin? How does it work for your business?

A gamification popup plugin includes a fortune wheel or gamification methods to entertain the customers.

Shopping is not about getting goodies. Adding a fun activity increases customer interaction. …

Monisha Thangavel

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